If you're not completely sure what IR35 means for you, you're not alone. Employers, contractors and service providers (such as agencies) are all struggling to navigate their way through these far-reaching changes. To help dispel the confusion, SAP Contractors has put together an unbiased, authoritative guide to the new legislation.

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IR35: Days of Future Past

2020, and in particular the run up to 6th April 2020, are uncertain times for the contract workforce that has traditionally supplied services via their own limited companies. This uncertainty extends to the clients that have engaged those contractors and the service providers, such as recruitment agencies, that have serviced the contractors and clients.

The cause? Changes to the intermediaries’ legislation, or IR35 as it is better known. These changes are having an impact on the marketplace in general, and the situation is not helped by lack of preparation for the reforms, differing levels of understanding of the legislation itself and its varying interpretations.

Taking an unbiased view

Our stance is not to champion changes in the legislation, or to take sides by advocating inside or outside IR35, or to condemn or criticise the path that clients and contractors take in deciding how they engage with each other.

Certain roles will be inside IR35 and others will be outside: each option has its merits and place in the market. The reasons why are detailed later in the document.

Presenting sound options

We are a recruitment business and it is our function, and has always been, to obtain requirements from our clients for their specific needs and ways of working, then to find suitable people to fulfil those requirements. As part of our process, we ensure all parties are happy with the commercial terms and satisfy ourselves that the solutions we offer are both legally and morally in alignment with our company values.

We believe we are able to do that and have been lucky to work with organisations that have credible levels of expertise in regard to IR35 legislation and compliance, as well as recruitment and employment law. This enables us to talk from a position of authority on the subjects and provide contractually sound and morally grounded options for our clients and candidates.

What this article covers

  • A summary of IR35
  • IR35 changes from April 2020
  • IR35 issues to avoid
  • Risk of non-compliance & status misclassification in IR35
  • Working with The Ellis Recruitment Group inside & outside IR35
  • Ellis Recruitment Group IR35 comparative calculator tool
  • Our IR35 insurance & legal partnerships

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