Josh and Danny are our SAP Contractors Leaders. Josh and his team are in Houston, TX and Danny and his team are in London, UK. Here we get to know them a little better and what makes them tick in the SAP world.

What individual strengths do you both bring to SAP Contractors?

Josh Lee:
From an individual perspective, I have over twelve years of SAP specific recruitment experience. I do not focus on any other technologies and am genuinely a specialist SAP recruiter. I keep up to date on the latest SAP technologies and trends.

I focus on the entire SAP suite, from all technical areas to all functional areas, from analyst/developer level to director level. I have been partnering with clients and candidates for S/4HANA implementations since 2015 to present and continue to support clients and candidates that choose to remain working on ECC 6.0. Therefore, I can match great candidates with great opportunities/clients and vice versa, from a technical and personality perspective, to enable an all-round fit.

I’ve built out multiple CoEs from scratch for clients over the years and provided contractors on an as-needed sometimes on an urgent basis. Speed of delivery without sacrificing quality is essential to me.

Danny Warren:
I am a very experienced (over twenty-five years) resourcing specialist within the ERP space, primarily SAP. I have built a robust network of skilled SAP professionals and a reputation for my professionalism and ‘value-added’ service. Clients and contractors come back to me time and time again to get their SAP jobs filled. Being a trusted recruiter is very important, as we need to give all our SAP partners the best experience possible.

Josh, you and your SAP Contractors team, are based in Houston, TX. Danny, you and your SAP Contractors team are based in London, UK. How will you work together?

Josh Lee:
By sharing our SAP and overall market knowledge from a regional and global perspective, keeping up to date with the latest SAP technologies and trends, cross-referencing candidates for opportunities and clients alike.

Danny Warren:
Yes, working together seamlessly to resource multi-country projects will be a key focus, sharing opportunities, knowledge and candidates looking to relocate either side of the Atlantic. The Ellis Recruitment Group of businesses have a reputation for collaborating across technologies and geographical areas, as we have partners based in multiple locations across the globe.

What is your vision for the future of SAP Contractors?

Josh Lee:
Our vision is to build a sustainable SAP recruitment business that will enable us to be the ‘go-to’ provider of SAP opportunities and SAP talent for clients and candidates. Build out a high performing team of SAP Recruitment specialists.

Danny Warren:
As Sales Manager, my mission while working with a market-leading global IT recruitment company such as SAP Contractors is to add even more depth to their solid experience in placing SAP specialists within their prestigious client base and to their deep understanding of the SAP product suite and marketplace. Adding to their already enviable offering of an unrivalled, award-winning service – for contractors, candidates, and clients alike.

How can you and your SAP Contractors teams help your SAP clients?

Danny Warren:
We make sure that we partner with our clients to understand in detail their issues, headaches, current and future project requirements and set a resource plan both short and long term to meet their objectives. This enables us to preselect, qualify and interview suitable candidates for review. After this, we send three profiles for each requirement with the knowledge that each is technically and culturally a match.

Most importantly, our partnering approach forms solid business relationships, creates better efficiency and confirms SAP Contractors as commercially viable SAP business partners.

Josh Lee:
Agreed, we provide a fully consultative approach throughout the recruitment process. We’re specialists in what we do and up to date with the latest SAP technologies.We focus on both contract and direct-hire (permanent) recruitment, which means we can offer:

  • Speed of delivery without sacrificing quality.
  • A great network of SAP candidates and contractors.
  • Strong SAP market knowledge.
  • Exemplary rate/salary knowledge.
  • Client industry knowledge.

What can you offer SAP candidates and contractors looking for their next job?

Danny Warren:
We offer candidates a transparent, honest, and professional approach to their job search. As Josh said earlier, full disclosure of rates, margins on all contracts worked and complete 360 support for each job application. We see SAP candidates and contractors as valued as clients and look to partner with them even if we don’t get a commercial return. We value and prioritise relationships more — there is always a next time.

Josh Lee:
Agreed – I couldn’t have put it better. We want to guarantee SUCCESS to all our partners; we have the network, and connections to the right people at the right time is paramount.

Josh Lee

Josh Lee is our Regional VP of Sales and SAP Recruitment Specialist, based in Houston, Texas. If you would like to discuss your next SAP project or SAP role in the US or Canada, email Josh at

Danny Warren

Danny Warren is our Sales Manager and SAP Recruitment Specialist, based in London, UK. If you would like to discuss your next SAP project or SAP role in the UK, Ireland or Europe, email Danny at